Primary purpose of this website is to Data analysis of COVID patients which will help in better evidence based treatment of Corona. Not much is known about the behaviour of the disease and Novel Corona Virus at this time. Unless we study it in a systematic manner, we will never be able to give a proper response to the disease. We have seen that many persons have suffered more than once and many persons have been infected with Corona Virus even after vaccination. We have also seen that antiviral medicines are not very effective in most cases. The role of Plasma etc. is also doubtful. The effectiveness and sustainability of measures like lock down, mask, hand washing etc. is also doubtful. Many myths have surrounded Corona.

Corona is a tragedy but it will be a bigger tragedy, if we fail to use the huge amount of data and information about corona patients which is now available with us to systematically study the disease and find an effective and evidence-based management for it. This website endeavours to collect and analyse data of COVID patients for the purpose of research in COVID management. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Soon this website will also start sharing data on COVID available from other sources. The website will also soon develop systems for providing services to COVID patients and their relatives.